VetAdvisor® coaches are trained to assist veterans in all aspects of transition and career development, and to teach organizations how to recruit and retain military veterans and service members.

VetAdvisor® is expert in all aspects of military career transition and the civilian job placement process. We work with veterans on:

  • Private Sector and Federal Resume Assistance
  • Interview Skills and Tips
  • Job Search and Application Process
  • Military Skills Translation
  • Career Mapping

Our career management and performance coaching for veterans includes:

  • Understanding organizational context and workplace styles
  • Interpersonal communication in a non-military environment
  • Understanding leadership philosophies that aren’t mission-oriented
  • Setting clear expectations about workplace culture
  • Career ownership and building on successes

Whether you are a veteran seeking civilian employment or an HR professional interested in minimizing the attrition of veterans your company has recruited, VetAdvisor® career coaching services deliver results.

Veteran employment is fundamentally important to veteran wellness, not only to address veterans’ financial and material needs, but also to fulfill their need for purpose and vocation. – Employing America’s Veterans