Welcome, Xtendable Customers!

Who Supports my Xtendable Server?

Xtendable Server is a .NET open standards modular development platform that once provided cost effective design, deployment, and hosting for complete end-to-end web systems. Xtendable Server came with pre-tested core modules that allowed developers to build applications that were cost effective and could be implemented quickly. Xtendable Server is still owned by DefenseWeb and licensed on a “software as a service” (SAAS) basis, as well as for hosting by the customers in their own environments.

In January of 2014 DefenseWeb Technologies gave notice to its clients that it was moving away from the Federal IT market and had selected Three Wire Systems and its subsidiary VetAdvisor, LLC to be the sole supporter of Xtendable Server. Today Three Wire and VetAdvisor support more than a dozen DoD clients with their web-based applications built on Xtendable Server.

We are committed to providing uninterrupted excellence in service to current Xtendable Server customers. In fact, the government recently cited Three Wire as the sole source capable of continued Xtendable maintenance.

Options for Xtendable Customers

We understand there will be a need down the road for a new platform to replace the Xtendable Server and we are developing an innovative and cost-effective Open Source solution that will meet the future needs of current Xtendable Server customers. Click here to download a white paper where we explore options for Xtendable customers looking to transition to a new platform and provide a glimpse at our own strategy of combining the best of breed Open Source to create a completely new offering especially for Xtenable customers.

Be sure to check back for upcoming white papers describing our new platform.

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