Veterans In-Sync

The winds of change are blowing within VA. With the advent of the Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) and the Veterans Choice Act there is a clear call by VA to offer increased access to health care. In fact, this is a key initiative of VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s MyVA concept. Secretary Bob’s 2016 stretch goal is to consolidate and streamline its non-Department provider network and to improve relationships with community providers and core partners. Metrics are associated with this goal, check out his testimony given in January 2016. VA is moving quickly, look no further than the recently released Care in the Community (CITC) RFI which creates the foundation for consolidating seven non-VA health care offerings as well as expanding the non-VA provider network. I expect the big boys of the health care world to be keenly interested in this concept as it provides a similar model as that of TRICARE. But it is the small companies with established VA track records that will move the innovation needle. For example, Three Wire’s holistic Veteran care management concepts can be employed with our big business partners to bring years of technology-driven Veteran case and care management into the new health care system that Secretary Bob envisions. Veteran needs have changed and I see changes happening at VA that are designed to bring health care to the Veteran.

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