VetAdvisor® FAQ for Veterans

What should I do if I am feeling hopeless or suicidal?

If you are going to harm yourself, please call 911 immediately. The Veterans Crisis Line is also here to help. Call them at 1-800-273-8255. You can also text them at 838255 or chat online.

How do I access VetAdvisor® services?

VetAdvisor® services are available through several federal contracts. We have also recently begun contracting with private sector organizations. Please contact us at (804) 816-4006 to see if you’re covered either through the federal government or through your employer. If you are not covered, download our VetAdvisor® Fact Sheet and tell your employer about us and our services.


Does VetAdvisor® replace my health insurance or Medicare?

No. VetAdvisor® is a wellness membership service that provides enhanced, non-covered benefits on top of your health insurance plan or Medicare.


How does VetAdvisor® work?

VetAdvisor® utilizes a Veteran Aligned Services Team (VAST) model of care, similar to a patient-centered, team-based model of care anchored by a primary physician. We assign each veteran a Lead Veteran Coach who, like a primary care physician, serves as the main point of contact for the comprehensive care experience. Your team of wellness advisors (subject matter experts in behavioral health, wellness, careers, and finance) work directly with the Lead Veteran Coach to develop goals and action plans that are based on your own history and are highly customized to your specific needs. You, your Lead Veteran Coach, and your wellness team are all fully integrated on the same technology platform, enabling them to better collaborate with you on your care and ensuring that things stay coordinated and integrated. Using this common technology platform, your Lead Veteran Coach can monitor your progress, determine your evolving needs, and proactively send you alerts and encouragement.


Can you give me an example of how coaching works?

Your Lead Veteran Coach will conduct an initial intake interview to determine your individual needs. You will then be assigned subject matter coaches, experts in those areas identified as concerning. For example, if you experience sleep disorders you will be paired with a wellness coach who will work with you to create a plan of action, milestones, and desired outcomes. When appropriate you will utilize a self-monitoring device to track progress; in this instance you might choose to use the Lark for tracking and monitoring. The Lark automatically transmits information to our secure Veteran Relationship Management (VRM) system. If the monitor shows a pattern of sleeplessness over three nights, for example, a notification is sent to the coach, who then contacts you to discuss next steps. Together, you and your wellness team continuously monitor your progress working toward the ultimate goal of integrated health.


How do you select my Lead Veteran Coach?

Lead Veteran Coaches are assigned, but we honor all requests for either a male or female. Our Lead Veteran Coaches are generalists; they are recently retired military personnel who have served a minimum of three years and who have combat experience. Lead Veteran Coaches have knowledge of recent federal veteran programs as well as of trends in technology, wellness, and behavioral health. We endeavor to hire University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work graduates with military backgrounds to be our Lead Military Coaches.


Who are your coaches and what kind of training and experience do they have?

Our call centers are staffed with coaches specializing in occupational, wellness, financial, and behavioral health for veterans, active duty, guardsmen, and reservists. VetAdvisor® coaches are primarily guard/reservist or retired military personnel. With a 70% veteran workforce, our coaches have over 300 years of combined military experience, and all of our non-veteran employees have completed the University of Southern California’s continuing education course in Military Culture. We have a unique advantage in understanding the community we serve.


Is my information kept secure?

Yes. All of your personal information and coaching records are stored behind our secure firewall. We do not sell or share your information. Information from third-party vendors (such as Lark or Fitbit) that is shared in our Veteran Relationship Management tool is secure behind our firewall. Information you share on third-party website or in third-party applications is subject to those parties’ privacy policies; please check third-party websites for more information on their privacy and security.