VetAdvisor® FAQ for Vet Courts

What services do you provide Vet Courts?

Veterans Courts, tailored for veterans with first-time offenses, are being established all over the country. Judges offer reduced sentences to qualifying veterans in exchange for a services plan. VetAdvisor® works with local District Attorney’s offices and the VA to provide coaching services to veterans who don’t qualify for VA services. In this way, all qualifying veterans within the area have access Vet Court services.

We have already established a Vet Court. How can VetAdvisor® help?

Vet Courts provide an effective way to reach at-risk veterans and provide them with the services that can help smooth their transition to civilian life. VetAdvisor® works with local VA, DA, and Public Defenders’ Offices to ensure that no veteran falls through the cracks.

Once veterans without VA access are identified, VetAdvisor® staff completes a general assessment to address each veteran’s financial, behavioral health, wellness, and career needs. Prevention, Intervention, and Education (PIE) are the three key areas that VetAdvisor® staff and veterans collaboratively address.

VetAdvisor® coaches, 70% of whom are veterans or Guard or Reservists, utilize goal setting by identifying obstacles and assist veterans in strengthening their personal support systems. Within two sessions an Individual Service Plan (ISP)/Personal Plan is established to determine actions steps. Coaching is then offered in weekly sessions until the treatment program is complete.

We are planning to establish a Vet Court. Can VetAdvisor® help?

Yes. VetAdvisor® staff have experience in developing and implementing Vet Courts, having established a Cambria County Vet Court along with the Cambria County District Attorney. We will work collaboratively with both DA, VA, and Public Defender offices to develop processes, procedures, and intervention plans for first-time and at-risk veterans in the criminal justice system.

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