Training Courses for Front Line Leaders

Our training courses are designed to blend HR with behavioral practices that are sensitive to the military veteran community. By incorporating a non-clinical mental health perspective with HR best practices, our trainers provide hiring managers and front line leaders with interviewing, hiring, and management techniques that help organizations attract and retain a veteran workforce. For pricing and registration information, contact


Hiring Managers: Why Military Veterans for Your Organization?

What is the business case for developing a military veteran recruitment and retention program? This training will focus on the value of veteran employees, including:

  • WOTC and other tax credits and disbursement programs
  • The benefits of workforce diversity
  • Understanding and translating military skills


Military Veteran Sourcing Strategies and Hiring Manager Interviewing Tips

Once your organization makes a commitment to recruiting veteran employees you need to find the talent that matches your needs. Our course will demonstrate the ways hiring managers can source veteran talent:

  • Understanding the military transition process
  • Effective preparation for hiring fairs
  • Working with commercial vendors, non-profits, and government resources
  • Recruiting veterans with disabilities, Guard and Reservists, and military spouses


The Other Side of Coaching: Line Manager Sensitivity Training for the Veteran Workforce

The challenges veterans face during their transition to the civilian workforce are unique. This training focuses on the differences between military and civilian culture, providing an understanding of:

  • Military organizational frameworks and interpersonal style
  • Methods of effective communication
  • Military management and leadership philosophy
  • Military versus civilian ways of building on success


The Veteran Engagement Loop: Retention Lifecycle Management for Line Managers

Many veterans leave their first civilian job. This training will help you to be more than a “transition” employer, helping you to retain veteran employees for the long-term:

  • Best practices for integrating veterans into your organization
  • Resources and programs available for veteran employees and for those with disabilities
  • Working with Guard and Reserve employees
  • Career management for military veterans