Time Management Tips for Back to School

Even though summer feels like it just started, the school buses will be revving up before we know it. In order to prepare for back-to-school time and transition schedules for you and your family, it’s important to implement good time management practices that will lessen anxiety and stress.

Get a jump start on things before school starts. Look for weekly deals at your favorite stores for school supplies and buy extra so you have it for the middle of the year when your student starts to run out. This not only saves time, but money, too. Also, start implementing the school year schedule early. Slowly adjust sleep and wake up times to get closer what they will be during the school year, assign “homework” that can be completed in the afternoon, and schedule time for activities such as what the student would experience at recess or after-school activities.

When the school year arrives, set you and your family up for success by carrying out the routine you’ve established. Also, packing backpack and lunches as well as setting out clothes the night before will help for an easy morning. Additionally, buy snacks in bulk to save money and portion them out beforehand so you can grab and go. This is a helpful tip for back-up breakfasts as well if you are running late in the morning.

Doing a little bit at a time to prepare for the transition back to school can go a long way to keeping your family on track and your sanity intact!

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