Tools for the Quantified Self

The idea of measuring things to chart progress is not new, but gathering and measuring data to improve the lives of individuals is a relatively new phenomena. We take seriously the marriage between technology and self-improvement, and offer various tools for the quantified self that we believe are the future of health care and can help prevent disease, prolong lives, and reduce medical costs.

Self-monitoring devices allow data to be shared through social media, and offer message boards and groups where friends, coworkers, or peers can exchange encouragement and information. These devices additionally allow for proactive intervention and notification. For example, a veteran dealing with sleep management might be provided a sleep monitor that automatically transmits information to our Veteran Relationship Management platform. If the monitor shows a pattern of sleeplessness over three nights, a notification is sent to the coach, who then contacts the veteran to discuss next steps.

Devices such as these are proven to increase adherence and motivation. As health-care costs increase, there is likely to be a greater emphasis on monitoring, prevention and maintaining wellness, with patients taking a more active role—an approach sometimes called “Health 2.0.” While we also offer comprehensive coaching services to those who wish to remain “unquantified,” VetAdvisor® is proud to be an innovator at the leading edge of this approach to preventative care.