The Platform

The VetAdvisor® platform deploys a variety of communication modalities:


The VetAdvisor® platform is proactive, veteran-centric, evidence-based, and private and secure. High-tech, high-touch coaching is the heart of our process and the basis from which technological solutions flow. Working together, specific problems related to the veteran reintegration lifecycle (i.e., occupational, wellness, behavioral health, financial) are identified and a personal plan that creates goals and timelines to address and resolve these problems is developed. The Veteran/Coach relationship is tracked through our Veteran Relationship Management tool (VRM).

Our VRM not only provides continuity across our communications platform but also guarantees that any available coach can work with any veteran, any time. Our VRM integrates statistics and biometric feedback, veteran inputs, and data from real-time coaching sessions, allowing us to produce proprietary evidence-based workflows that allow care for a larger number of veterans with a smaller number of coaches.

This combination of efficiency and effectiveness leads to the VetAdvisor® advantage, allowing for increased ROI by driving greater veteran engagement, productivity, and retention through a program able to serve more clients with fewer staff.