Coaching and Self Management

Similar to a patient-centered, team-based model of care anchored by a primary physician, VetAdvisor’s VAST (Veteran Aligned Services Team) coaching model allows for personalized care, planning, and goal setting, as well as proactive intervention.

The VAST model is anchored by a Lead Veteran Coach who, like a primary care physician, serves as the main point of contact for the comprehensive care experience. A team of wellness advisors (subject matter experts in behavioral health, wellness, careers, and finance) works directly with the Lead Veteran Coach to develop goals and action plans that are based on each veteran’s history and are highly customized to his or her specific needs. The veteran, the Lead Veteran Coach, and the wellness team are all fully integrated on the same technology platform, enabling them to better collaborate on care and ensuring that everything is coordinated and integrated. Using this common technology platform, coaches monitor progress, determine evolving needs, and proactively send the veteran alerts and encouragement.

The VetAdvisor® advantage combines the proactive outreach of our coaches with veteran self-management, both of which lead to increased engagement and improved outcomes. Both evidence and our experience show that interactivity allows veterans to achieve the empowerment necessary to lead a complete life.

Veterans are actively engaged in their own milestones and successes and communicate with peers and coaches through our applications, platform, and social media. Our process engages the veteran in a community even as it fosters individual growth and achievement.