The VetAdvisor® Advantage

This is the next greatest generation of veterans, but they need our support. They need wellness services that are integrated, veteran-centric, and proactive. VetAdvisor® is the nation’s expert in veteran-centric proactive preventative care. With a workforce of over 70% veterans, coupled with our innovative use of technology and our proprietary workflows, VetAdvisor® provides proven, evidence-based results. We have had over 75,000 veteran contacts, helping those who served our country transition to civilian life and careers.

The VetAdvisor® advantage is utility, scale, and better outcomes. Our unique combination of high-touch human resources and reduced-touch technological resources leads to Milestone Velocity™, accelerated goal attainment through increased engagement. This not only increases ROI but also allows organizations to proactively assist veterans transitioning to civilian life and careers.