Motivation Isn’t Real

People often operate in waves of action that are inspired by something. An event, situation or external cue that drives them to FEEL a certain way.  Take New Years for example.  We get excited and start setting these wonderful goals to achieve.  By February, we’ve lost the spark that ignited those goals and the actions you took for a few weeks.

The emotion we feel about obtaining a goal is what drives our action toward it. Emotion determines action. What most people rely on is the outside event or external cue to influence that emotion. Ultimately, motivation is a misconception. Motivation is merely your ability to CREATE your own spark that will make you take action.  That spark is created through decision making.

Not everyone wants to wake up and exercise each morning.  The decision is yours.  There is no external cue that can make you decide to put on those sneakers and run out the door.  The only person who can control that, is you.  Sure, there are days you want to hit snooze. Progress equals happiness. If you decide to take action, even if it’s only 2 millimeters more than what you did the day before, you are more likely to achieve your goals.  Most of the actions we want to take each day are very easy to do and yet, very easy not to do.

The only difference between you and someone who is disciplined is decision.  So what will you decide to do for yourself today?

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