Mission and Values

VetAdvisor® Mission Statement:

To provide veterans, active duty service members and their families holistic coaching services to foster happy, well adjusted, housed, and employed members of society.

Our Values:

We are guided and inspired by our values. In an ever-changing world, our core values remain fixed and constant. They are the foundation upon which we perform work and conduct ourselves. No matter the changes in society, government, politics, or technology we will abide by these core values. At heart, they are the very reason for VetAdvisor’s existence:

  • Integrity – We follow our moral compass and hire to our ethical standards
  • Accountability – We take ownership of both our successes and failures
  • Passionate Service – We are fully invested and infused in our work
  • Creativity and Innovation – We solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions
  • Pursuit of Excellence – We understand the road to excellence is never-ending