Meet the Staff: Josh Mottillo

Josh M.

Meet the Staff

Name: Josh Mottillo

Position: Behavioral Health Veteran Representative

Josh has been with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC for two years as a Behavioral Health Veteran Representative for the Choice Program. Before he came to VetAdvisor, Josh was a teacher for seven years. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and his Master’s degree in Business Education. Josh also has a minor in music and spent his undergraduate career as a member of the IUP Marching Band. Following that experience, he has worked for 15 years as the Assistant Band Director at Blairsville High School, which included 2 years as acting Director. For the past two years, Josh has been the Assistant Band Director for Saltsburg High School.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is the feeling of making a difference. When we are able to get veterans the care that they are seeking and hear how grateful they are for what we do, it is a highlight of my day. Also, I appreciate the work environment and enjoy coming to work with my wonderful co-workers each and every day.”

Q: Looking back over your time with VetAdvisor® what is your biggest success and why have you enjoyed your experience?

“My biggest success has been in finding solutions. One example that comes to mind was helping a Veteran who had a difficult time with scheduling find an appointment almost immediately, and hearing the appreciation he had for all of the work we did. This veteran was so grateful for how quickly we provided assistance and care and that was important to me. Along with this, I also consider any veteran we are able to schedule appointments for a success because it means we have done our job and allows me to go home with a sense of accomplishment every day.”

Congratulations Josh on two years with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC! We are very proud to have you as part of our staff.

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