HR/Veteran-Centric Issues Hotline

VetAdvisor® developed our Human Resources/Veteran-Centric Issues Hotline (HR/VCIH) to provide employers with easy to understand answers to the compliance issues associated with veteran, reserve and National Guard employees.

With HR/VCIH you will never again have to ask, “What is the statute known as the escalator clause and how does it impact my organization?” or “What is USERRA and how do I comply?”

Studies have shown that the most common employer issues/violations under federal law fall into the “Big Three”: Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA); Equal Opportunity Act (EEO); and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Lack of education on these statutes can lead to lost productivity due to time lost for research and to lost revenue in the form of litigation costs, back pay, and fines and damages that can be awarded for lack of compliance.

VetAdvisor’s HR/VCIH is staffed by subject matter experts who have military experience and HR expertise; our lead expert serves as a volunteer ombudsman for the Employer Support of the National Guard, where he regularly deals with veteran-centric issues under USERRA, EEO, and ADA.

Our experts are annually certified in USERRA compliance by the National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) of the University of Colorado, Denver, and accredited in Alternative Dispute Resolution Process by the Human Resource Certification Institution (HRCI).

Our HR/VCIH provides you with quick and precise advice that will ensure your organization’s compliance with federal regulations. For pricing and more information, email