Halloween and the Sweet Tooth Craze

It’s no surprise that America is sugar obsessed. Most everyone is aware that too much sugar is not good for the body, yet we consume some of the highest amounts in the entire world.  According to the USDA, the average American eats about 170 pounds of the sweet stuff each year.

Sugar is much like an addictive drug, exciting the pleasure centers of our brain and enticing our taste buds to crave more. Consuming mass amounts of sugar overtime can cause serious health problems such as chronic disease, obesity, migraines, diabetes, behavioral problems and even allergies.

How can you reduce your sugar intake? 

Eat sweets in moderation. Read your food labels and beware of sneaky sugar in bread, condiments, salad dressing, soups and pasta sauce.  Replace one sugary drink per day with a water, and cook more meals at home.

For kids, especially during Halloween, monitor their intake and set allowances of how much candy they can have per day. The increase in sugar can affect their sleep patterns and ability to pay attention in school.

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