Company Overview

VetAdvisor® is the nation’s expert in veteran-centric integrative care. We provide proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. Additionally, our training staff works with organizations to help them more effectively recruit, retain, and interface with veterans.

Why VetAdvisor®?

We believe that today’s veterans are the next greatest generation, but they need our support. They need services that are integrated, veteran-centric, proactive and preventative.

Personal, family, and financial strains can result from deployment or lengthy assignment in dangerous locations. Both private and public sector employers, as well as colleges and universities and non-profits, need to ensure that returning service members have access to support services such as VetAdvisor® to address behavioral health, family, and personal issues and provide mentoring as veterans transition back into the workplace.

Who is VetAdvisor®?

Inspired by his years as a Navy officer, VetAdvisor® CEO Dan Frank wanted to start a different kind of company, one that would harness the power of a dynamic business to solve social issues. Guided by this vision of using technology to foster change, Frank built VetAdvisor® around the principle of social goodness: the idea that the bottom line is not just profit but also the social value business can provide.

Founded by a veteran with the goal of serving those who have served our country, VetAdvisor® comprehensively supports veterans with complex conditions by fostering a culture of emotional wellness as part of our integrative health strategy.

Our contact centers are staffed with coaches specializing in occupational, wellness, financial, and behavioral health for veterans, active duty, guardsmen, and reservists. Coaching is about achieving the empowerment necessary for veterans to lead a complete life.