Meet the Staff: Josh Mottillo

Josh M.

Meet the Staff

Name: Josh Mottillo

Position: Behavioral Health Veteran Representative

Josh has been with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC for two years as a Behavioral Health Veteran Representative for the Choice Program. Before he came to VetAdvisor, Josh was a teacher for seven years. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and his Master’s degree in Business Education. Josh also has a minor in music and spent his undergraduate career as a member of the IUP Marching Band. Following that experience, he has worked for 15 years as the Assistant Band Director at Blairsville High School, which included 2 years as acting Director. For the past two years, Josh has been the Assistant Band Director for Saltsburg High School.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is the feeling of making a difference. When we are able to get veterans the care that they are seeking and hear how grateful they are for what we do, it is a highlight of my day. Also, I appreciate the work environment and enjoy coming to work with my wonderful co-workers each and every day.”

Q: Looking back over your time with VetAdvisor® what is your biggest success and why have you enjoyed your experience?

“My biggest success has been in finding solutions. One example that comes to mind was helping a Veteran who had a difficult time with scheduling find an appointment almost immediately, and hearing the appreciation he had for all of the work we did. This veteran was so grateful for how quickly we provided assistance and care and that was important to me. Along with this, I also consider any veteran we are able to schedule appointments for a success because it means we have done our job and allows me to go home with a sense of accomplishment every day.”

Congratulations Josh on two years with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC! We are very proud to have you as part of our staff.

Meet the Staff: Stephanie Dostal

Stephanie Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Name: Stephanie Dostal

Position: Behavioral Health Veteran Representative and Training Lead

While attending Saint Francis University for her social work degree, Stephanie began an internship at the Conemaugh Hospital Adult and Adolescent inpatient psychiatric units.  From this experience, Stephanie realized her passion for working in the behavioral health field. In 2009, after graduating college, she met VetAdvisor® Chief and EVP, Jennifer Christman at a Saint Francis Social Work Alumni dinner and joined the team as a Veteran Representative.  Since that time Stephanie has worked on several contracts in various roles, including an outside role as a Multi-Systemic Therapist. Stephanie now works with our Veteran Choice Card program, creating resources and training material for new hires. She found that she had a knack and joy for teaching and expanded her role to include training lead as the program grew. Stephanie now is in her current role as Behavioral Health Veteran Representative and Training Lead.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: “I can’t imagine any greater privilege than having the opportunity to provide needed services to veterans.  To be looked upon to train our new staff so they can provide the best possible service to our veterans is an honor.  I tell anyone who will listen to me how much I love my job.  My favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson ends with “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”  This has always resonated with me and I leave my job every day feeling like I succeeded because of the amazing staff and the services they are providing.”

Q:  Looking back over your time at VetAdvisor/Three Wire Systems, LLC, what is your biggest success/why have you enjoyed your experience?

A: “My biggest success would be transitioning into the training role.  Had you told me ten years ago I would be in a teaching role I wouldn’t have believed it.  It was just something I’d never considered.  One of the greatest things about working here is that those that support you often see things in you that you can’t recognize yourself.  I am so grateful for the opportunity, encouragement, and support that I have been given.  I successfully completed the ATD Training Certificate Program, made possible by the company, and training has become such an enjoyable and rewarding part of my career.  I find great joy in connecting with our new and current team members and sharing my enthusiasm for the work that we do.” 

Meet the Staff- Brian Powers


Meet the Staff

Name: Brian Powers

Position: Career and Finance Coach

Brian has been with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC for eight years in various roles, currently serving as a Career and Finance Coach for VetAdvisor services. Brian is also a Behavioral Health Veteran’s Representative as part of the Choice program. Before working at VetAdvisor, Brian spent ten years in the United States Navy, serving on a Fleet Ballistic Missle submarine with a homeport in Charleston, SC. He was also an instructor at a Nuclear Power Training unit in Windsor, CT, and worked in the civilian nuclear power industry for nearly twenty years.  Brian now works directly with veterans and families, providing coaching and support as well as finding veterans the services needed to improve overall quality of life.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job is in assisting fellow veterans. Whether it’s helping them find employment, building and maintaining a budget, planning for their financial future, or finding the assistance veterans need through the Choice program.”

Q: Looking back over your time with VetAdvisor® what is your biggest success and why have you enjoyed your experience?

“Looking back over my time here at VetAdvisor®/Three-Wire Systems, LLC, my biggest personal success was completing my Financial Counselor certification through AFCPE (Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education®).”

“As for my experience, I find assisting my fellow veterans to be as satisfying to me as when I was in the Navy serving my country.”


Congratulations Brian on eight years with VetAdvisor/Three Wire Systems, LLC! We are very proud to have you as part of our staff.

Can you Hear me Now? Cell Service in Rural Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Reposted from JEFFREY ALDERTON 7.21.18 Tribune Democrat

Photo Credit: Reposted from JEFFREY ALDERTON 7.21.18 Tribune Democrat


Cell phone service has become a vital, and often available, necessity in the United States. Occasionally, there may be a “dead-zone” but a few quick steps in a new direction and reception is normally found. However, that is not always the case in many rural communities. Looking in Pennsylvania alone, the Federal Communications Commission reported that 800,000 residents of Western PA (about 6% of the population) do have access to reliable service[1]. Apart from being inconvenient to residents, this problem has proven disastrous for first responders.

One example of this issue focuses on a small community in Bedford County called Hyndman. On December 29, 2017, four tanker cars carrying hazardous materials derailed leading to the second town evacuation in 2017 alone. Communication was little to none on the day of the derailment because Hyndman (population 910) and surrounding areas do not have cell service for miles.[2]

Director of the Bedford County Planning Commission Donald Schwartz said to local news station WJAC “First is the issue of safety, as we found out recently that lack of cell service can be truly a hazard to health and safety. There are large parts of Bedford County that have no cell service.” [3]

Not only does lack of technology directly affect physical health and safety, this poses a problem to population retention and economic growth. Without service to rural areas, there is a loss of professionals and business to boost the economy, leading to lack of essential services.

Seeing a problem and a desperate need for a solution, local officials took action. Partnering with AT&T’s rural technology platform, FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority), Hyndman, PA and surrounding Bedford County areas will now have the technology needed to connect the critical information they need. Every day. In every emergency.[4]

With an expected start date in the latter half of 2019, this service will cover a 2 mile radius with a plan of expansion. “AT&T/FirstNet will advance our 911 services as a starting point, with the expected potential of coverage for all residents,” says Bedford County Commissioner Josh Lang. [5]

New broadband capabilities could have long standing positive impacts on not only health care for first responders, but new telehealth options in the community. One of the main barriers to tele-mental health in the United States is infrastructure and technical support. With inconsistent service and limited connectivity, there is zero chance of providing services in rural America. Commissioner Lang went on to say that the point is to increase communication with one another and with the larger population as a whole. [6]

Now in the beginning stages, the Hyndman Cell Tower Project could set a standard for other projects of the same type. As part of the AT&T partnership, Bedford County set up a Broadband regional taskforce to continue pushing for technological availability for residents. This taskforce is now being looked at as a potential state model for other areas in need.

“Bringing a cell site to this area is exactly what the community and public officials have asked for, and I’m pleased that the FirstNet Authority and AT&T are upholding their promise to fill in rural coverage gaps…,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey.[7]

As a new year approaches, Bedford County residents can feel more secure that they will be able to reach help. As Commissioner Lang said, “It is a great day for the Hyndman community.” [8]






[5] Personal Interview. Commissioner Lang and Kelsey Thayer.

[6] Interview. Lang, Thayer.



Meet the Staff: Margaret Ravert

Margie Anniversary

Name: Margaret “Margie” Ravert

Position: Behavioral Health Veteran Representative

Margie has been with VetAdvisor®/Three Wire Systems, LLC for three years, currently serving as the Behavioral Health Veteran Representative for VetAdvisor® services. She works directly with veterans and families as a call center coach.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of the job is my daily interaction with our veterans. Listening to their stories and all they have seen and done makes me take a step back and be thankful for what we have in this country. It is because of their willingness to self-sacrifice that we are able to enjoy our freedoms, not always available around the world.”

Q: Looking back over your time with VetAdvisor® what is your biggest success and why have you enjoyed your experience?

“Looking back over my time here at VetAdvisor®/Three-Wire, my biggest success is the same as it is for our whole team: Connecting veterans with the services they need to address their mental health issues, with compassion and empathy. The individuals that we are assisting are emotionally unwell, and it is a great joy to help them achieve their goal of getting treatment. We work hard to create an impact, to the best of our ability”

“As for why I have enjoyed this experience. Well, I think it takes a special person to do this type of work and the colleagues I have, and have had in this job, understand that teamwork is essential to our success. This company, and our team, has a strong sense of pride and an enormous work ethic that keeps us going, even when we feel like quitting. I’m thankful for each and every person on my team and THEY are why I have enjoyed this experience.”